Sabre City Community Outreach

Every second Saturday of the month, volunteers from Antelope Springs Church spend their afternoon loving the people of Sabre City Mobile Home Park. They set up a free community barbecue complete with games for the kids, and participate in visiting from door-to-door. This December, Antelope Springs delivered food baskets to the families of Sabre City who were in need. God does beautiful things when His people go out in love! Here is a story written by Becky Easter, the outreach leader, about what God did:

My friend Gail and I were the last to head out with three baskets to deliver. As we drove to our destinations, we were waved down by Vicki, a woman we’ve gotten to know well during the last few years. She said there was one more person who desperately needed a basket. She called him stubborn and prideful. He was working but hadn’t been paid in weeks, and he’d refused to take food from anyone and “didn’t even have a loaf of bread” in the kitchen.

Our three last baskets were committed. We weren’t sure what to do, and we were tired and ready to go home. We went ahead with our deliveries and then decided to swing by the churh to “raid” the food pantry. We pulled together a bag of┬ámiscellaneous cans of soup and vegetables, some pasta and stuffing, a box of pancake mix and syrup–it was really a weak excuse for a Christmas feast. We drove to his house with some trepidation. How would we be received by this stubborn man?

We considered leaving the bag on the doorstep, but as we pulled up we spotted Robert working in the garage. Like a bear, he came out, wary and challenging our presence. Who were we…what did we want…why were we there, he asked. Finally, I blurted, “We have groceries for you.” He bent over and nearly broke down, and thanks burst from his lips. He was so grateful for this bit of food that we had offered. We talked for a few minutes and then left him to his business, but we were all shaken by the experience.

Sure, the day had been full of joy and blessings. It’s always fun to give to people, ┬ábut with this final delivery it was as though God was saying, “Don’t be tired or half-hearted. This is important work. These are my people and I want you to provide for them.”

Thank you Antelope Springs for being faithful to God and His mission by loving the people of Sabre City!

For more information on how to get involved in this ministry contact Megan Meyer at