Mercy Multiplied’s Christmas Dinner

The following outreach report is from Mercy Multiplied, a Christian residential program that helps women ages 13-32 from across the United States. Church Volunteer Network was honored to help sponsor the dinner for an extravagant Christmas celebration for the residents.

This year has looked different, but God has continued to be faithful and through your generosity, we were able to give our residents a Christmas they will never forget!

“Last year I spent Christmas alone. This is the complete opposite. I’m so thankful, I could have never seen this coming from last year. God knocked me off my feed and now I’m here and this is so beautiful and intentional.”

“Last year I was in the hospital at Christmas. I was told I was not allowed to go back home because I was kicked out of my house. When I came to Mercy, I thought for sure I would have another terrible Christmas and yet here I am, this is amazing.”

“Last Christmas I was in a really bad place and I didn’t think I would ever see another Christmas. I especially never thought I would enjoy another Christmas. And this year I am experiencing joy for the first time again. I am in awe of being able to experience true joy again.”

Thank you for helping young women find freedom in Christ and for blessing them this Christmas!

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