Elevate Life Church’s Christmas in the Neighborhood

The following outreach report is from Elevate Life Church, a church located in South Sacramento that exists to Love God and Lift Others.

The whole vision for this year’s outreach came once we moved into our new building and we connected with the principal of a nearby school (Fern Bacon Middle School). We were able to realize how much some of the kids in this neighborhood were in need. So much so that the teachers were buying gifts for their own students since they knew the parents were not in a financial place to be able to provide kids with Christmas gifts. That’s when we knew we needed to expand the area in which we have done this outreach and also include the apartments near Fern Bacon Middle School.  

It’s safe to say that the whole outreach superseded our expectation! God is so faithful to the vision we had. The grant we received from CVN came at the perfect time and at the end we were able to bless over 400 families! Each kid was able to pick two toys of their liking, as well as a backpack filled with school supplies. Additionally, each family received a box of food with enough food supplies to last them a week.  

The whole outreach truly felt like a divine moment. We had parents come up to us to personally thank us for blessing their families since they wouldn’t be able to afford anything this year. An elderly couple also approached us and asked if it would be possible for them to pick out toys for their grandkids since they didn’t have anything to give their grandkids on Christmas morning.

We have so many similar stories like these ones. The realization that God entrusted us at Elevate Life Church so we can be a blessing to families like these, it moves us to continue with our vision to “Love God and Lift Others.”  We are so thankful to be able to continue to do outreaches like this even in the middle of a pandemic. 

THANK YOU Elevate Life Church for loving your neighbors in Jesus’ name!

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