AboutKidz Great Christmas Giveaway

On December, 22nd AboutKidz, in partnership with New Life Church hosted a Great Christmas Giveaway for 280 children and their families. Families were greeted at New Life Church with a festive atmosphere, a dessert bar and craft stations set up for the children. Another local non-profit screened the children for vision testing. From the screening, children were identified that could benefit from a full exam. After their prescription was determined, the children picked out frames and received their free glasses in the mail.

The night also included a gospel presentation by the youth ministry leaders at New Life Church. Each table had a volunteer host that took prayer requests from the parents and children. The table host prayed for the families before the gifts were distributed. All 280 children left the event with a stack of gifts to put under the tree to open on Christmas. People from New Life Church also followed up with their families after the event to see if they wanted to learn more about Jesus.

Church Volunteer Network was able to supply this event with decorations, crafts and some gifts by providing AboutKidz with support through our Gospel Project Support Fund. THANK YOU AboutKidz and New Life Church for sharing Christ’s love to many families this Christmas!

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