City of Refuge’s Sisterhood Christmas Party 2017

The following outreach report was shared with us from City of Refuge, a ministry that serves the Oak Park community. Church Volunteer Network was honored to help support this event through our Gospel Project Support Fund.

Our Second Annual Sisterhood Christmas Party had just over 40 girls in attendance whom we have built relationships with through our programs in the school district. Our previously middle school Sisterhood girls that are now in High school served as hosts that evening for the first time, 8 in total. Each of them modeled exemplary hospitality, care and love as they checked girls in and out, served food and helped to create an atmosphere of fun and acceptance. They of their own volition were sharing with the younger girls why Sisterhood has been such a pivotal part of their development, and given them a safe space over the last couple years. It was our first time really watching indigenous leadership take place from within our Sisterhood program.

We were also able to make connections with parents of our students who attended, which allows us to establish our space as a safe space for their students and further that relationship past just the young girls we serve, to expanding and serving their families. We were able to share the gospel in a way that reiterated to the girls their worth beyond the circumstances they are born into, as most of our girls come from families and neighborhoods of poverty, we wanted to make sure to give them a night full of pampering and fun, of inspiration and to speak truth over them.

Thank you City of Refuge for sharing and showing the gospel of Jesus to people in need!

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