CVN has jumped on the texting bandwagon!

Have a question? Text us! Want an outreach reminder? We’ll text you! It really is that easy!

Here is our phone number that you can text or call: (916) 572-6578

If you are interested in receiving outreach reminders via text messaging, here are the outreaches that are currently available:

  • B Street Footwashing Outreach
  • Midtown (cup-o-soup) Outreach
  • Norwood Pines Alzheimer’s Facility Outreach*

The footwashing and midtown outreaches are once a month so you would receive one reminder text each month for each outreach. Norwood Pines is twice a month so you would choose to receive reminders for both weeks or choose one reminder for either the first or third Saturday.

To get reminders for any or all of these outreaches, text REMINDER and the name of the outreach to the number listed above.** Rest assured that we will use your phone number for outreach reminder purposes only and we will never disclose your information to any third party.

If at any time you have questions about an outreach or CVN in general, feel free to also text us! Of course we will still be available to take your calls and emails as well.

Let the communication begin!


*more information on these outreaches can be found in the Ongoing Outreaches section of our website

**Standard messaging rates apply


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