Starting Something New: Stonegate Apartment Outreach

On Saturday October 29th, Mission Church launched its very first outreach at Stonegate Apartments, a complex just down the street from where the church worships. Mission shared God’s Love by setting up a Harvest Carnival complete with a bounce house,¬†pumpkin patch, cake walk, and about a dozen carnival games.

Mission Church's Stonegate Apartment Harvest Carnival

Many parents came with their children and everyone had a blast! Children quickly spread the word to their friends and soon kids were running up from everywhere to take part in the festivities.

Mission’s goal was to introduce themselves to the community and simply share the Love of jesus Christ with their neighbors. Mission hopes to continue a regular presence at Stonegate by launching a children’s program and adult discipleship event on a regular basis.

What encouraged me the most about Mission’s first outreach was the fact that there were about 20 volunteers who came out to serve, a large percentage of this small start-up church. It is very rare to see such a great percentage of a church body serving together on outreach. The DNA of Mission Church is a focus outward to the unsaved and unreached of their community. Mission Church truly believes that the church is not for them, but for God and for the lost.

Mission Church meets in the sanctuary of Hope Methodist Church on Sunday evenings at 6pm.
(8755 Center Parkway Sacramento, CA 95823)